1970 WARRE'S Vintage Bottle - NO DISCOUNT

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  • Bottle Size 75cl
  • ABV 20%
  • Country Portugal

Bottle Description

Warre’s Vintages are drawn from vineyards in the Rio Torto and Pinhão valleys of the Alto Douro where Warre’s have been making and buying wines from farmers for centuries. In some of these Quintas the wine continues to be made by the time honoured traditional method of foot treading in granite “lagares” which produces first class Port. A substantial part of the final lote or blend came from Warre’s own Quinta da Cavadinha. This is Warre's 300th Anniversary port and is an excellent vintage which is developing into a wine as fine as the 1963. Very fine nose and balance. “…sweet, full-bodied, rich, almost too rich, yet not overpowering, with the perfect weight and balance I expect from Warre at its best” - Michael Broadbent, Vintage Wine, Published 2002 Five Stars (Outstanding).

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1970 WARRE'S Vintage Bottle - NO DISCOUNT

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