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Burgundy 2019 En Primeurs

2019 is potentially an exceptional year for red Burgundies and a very good one for whites. In each case, despite being another "solaire" vintage, both colours exhibit more freshness and energy than in 2018. The reds in particular, whilst being intensely concentrated, have an attractive fluidity and many whites offer a delicious salinity and no lack of acidity. An explanation offered was that the smaller berries, with a deficit of juice, concentrated both sugars and acids. Volumes are also significantly down on last year.

Some points of note:
- The Chardonnay vines were further advanced at the time of the April frosts, so were more adversely affected than Pinot Noir.
- Irregular flowering and drought caused very inconsistent ripening, even within a single parcel. This had to be carefully managed.
- Physiological ripeness generally arrived at around 13-14% natural, potential alcohol levels.
- Yields were very low due to a combination of frost, poor flowering conditions and drought.
- Once again, older vines, with a more developed root system have better withstood drought. Growers who plough between rows (all of ours) have also benefitted. This has the effect of cutting surface roots and forcing the vines to delve deeper for water and nutrients.
- There was widespread "triage" in the vines to remove all scorched grapes.
- The dry summer and excellent picking conditions meant that the harvested grapes exhibited an almost unprecedented level of health.
- The trend towards whole bunch fermentations with Pinot Noir continues. Climate change means that the vines' stems are consistently "riper" than previously. Proponents believe that stem inclusion delivers wines with greater freshness and energy than those which are destemmed.
- It was a very easy vintage to vinify, with extremely healthy fruit and an excellent balance between ripeness and acidity.
- Many growers are beginning to practice longer elevages prior to bottling their white wines. Wines which may appear quite clumsy and facile early in their development, can gain enormously in precision during extended maturation.
- Although the summer of 2019 was similarly torrid to 2018, acidities have been better preserved and the resulting wines are fresher in 2019. Millerandage (under-developed, smaller grapes) concentrates both sugar and acidity levels.

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