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INNIS & GUNN Mangoes on the Run IPA 330ml Can 4.2%abv - SINGLE



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Beer & Cider

ABV: 4.2%
Size: 330ml


They've taken the fruitiest hops, turned them into an IPA and then added a mountain of mangoes to create the fruitiest Innis & Gunn beer yet.
The flavour is light, fresh and tropical, while the finish is silky smooth. The bitterness of those fruity hops perfectly round out the sweetness of the fresh mangoes to create a taste combination that delights. This IPA may be light and fresh but it packs a flavourful punch. Pale Malt, Roasted Barley and Munich Malt ensure that there is a real spine to this beer. Don't be fooled by Mangoes on the Run's fun and playful side, its quality is absolutely serious.

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