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VERDANT Examine Our Allocations IPA (440ml) 6.5%abv

VERDANT Examine Our Allocations IPA (440ml) 6.5%abv Image



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Beer & Cider

ABV: 6.5%
Size: 440ml


We’ve taken one of our popular base IPA recipes and bolted on some delicious Southern Hemisphere fruit and dank for your drinking pleasure. Tropical and spicy resinous notes abound in both aroma and flavour in this unique take on a New England IPA.”|6.95|25/4/2021 08:04 130934|7|False|TO ØL (Tool) Yule Maelk Rhum Barrel|Aged HALF BOTTLE (37.5cl) 17.1%abv|Yule M#@!*?k Aged in Rhum Barrels. We took our strongest Imperial Milk Stout and barrel-aged the living s**t out of it. It tastes of chocolate, rum, Sparta, and glory! Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!|12.95|25/4/2021 08:04 130935|9|False|TO ØL (Tool) Same Procedure Dry Saison|Ale 75cl Bottle 8%abv|An exquisitely dry Saison brewed with Grape Juice and fermented using a mix of Champagne Yeast and our own, special, Instant Crush Brett. The result is a fruity and festively high-carbonation beer full of bubbles and good times.|10.95|25/4/2021 08:04 130936|13|False|TO ØL (Tool) My Honningkage Is Bigger|16.7%abv HALF BOTTLE (37.5cl)|A barley wine inspired by the traditional danish honey cake, sticky, sweet and filled with Christmas spices! We’ve upped the anti too and barrel-aged this festive banger in cognac and bourbon barrels for an extra boozy kick.|12.95|25/4/2021 08:04 130937|23|False|TO ØL (Tool) Glogglich Imp. Red Ale|330ml Bottle 13.4%abv|A magnificent 13.4% Imperial red ale that’s been barrel-aged in Rum, Red Wine, and Port barrels. This is gonna be one doozy, boozy Xmas for sure. Undeniably sweet. Beautifully complex. The spirits are held beautifully by the style of the beer, ensuring a bright, delicate nature despite the triple slam of barrels behind it.|10.95|25/4/2021 08:04 130938|14|False|TO ØL (Tool) Tropical Rumble, IPA|CAN (330ml) 4.3%abv|Good old Tropical Rumble, new and improved, and brewed in To Øl City. A hoppy, fruity, and most definitely a drinkable beer packed with Passion fruit, Peach, and Mango. Heaps of fruity mosaic hops paired with the best fruits we could find.|3.9|25/4/2021 08:04 130939|15|False|TO ØL (Tool) Cryo Out Loud|Triple IPA CAN (440ml) 10.3%abv|Extremely well balanced and citrusy TIPA with clean grapefruit notes. Stupid amounts of hops give notes of citrus and grapefruit, wheat and oats add a nice and soft body to balance out the insane amount of bitterness.|7.95|25/4/2021 08:04 130940|19|False|TO ØL (Tool) 1 Ton of Christmas|Berliner 330ml Bottle 8.1%abv|When you cannot get enough of Christmas, you take a ton of the best, classic Danish Christmas ingredients and brew a Berliner Weisse! An 8,1% Berliner Weisse with Cherries, Redcurrant and Prunes. Merry Christmas!|5.35|25/4/2021 08:04 130941|21|False|TO ØL (Tool) House Of Pale|(Pale Ale) CAN (440ml) 5.5%abv|House Of Pale is one of the recipes we’ve taken from our beloved mad laboratory in Copenhagen, BRUS. A New England Pale ale with Equanot hops. It’s seen many changes and tweaks over this year, experimenting with hop doses and overall ‘crispiness’ - and now we’re pretty sure we’ve got exactly what we’ve been looking for.|3.35|25/4/2021 08:04 130942|0|True|TO ØL (Tool) Stereo Mono Mosaic|CAN (440ml) 6.8%abv SOLD OUT|This is the second beer in our DDH Single Hop Series. We love making single hop beers, as they are incredibly fun for the brewers to experiment with: like a chef with one ingredient, finding out all the delicious ways it can be expressed.

But it also is perfect for the drinker to start getting an understanding of the hops, and what they give to each beer, what they might like and not like when it comes to hop varieties. |999|26/6/2021 17:02 130943|0|False|TO ØL (Tool) Blizzard In A Beer Mug|IPA CAN (440ml) 6%abv - BBE 10/21|This Winter Wheat IPA at 6% will lie as a turbid white thunderstorm in your glass. Fat and fruity and turbid like the Blizzard of ’78 in New England. Dry Hopped with Au Ella, Citra, Mosaic Cryo and Rakau. |4.75|25/4/2021 08:04 130944|1|False|TO ØL (Tool) Santa's Secret American|Brown Ale 330ml Bottle 8.3%abv BBE 09/21|Ever wondered how Father Christmas delivers presents down all of those chimneys in one night? Well he may have a little help up his sleeve. Santa's Secret is our classic Mochaccino Messiah - and some. Injected full of coffee, this 8% beauty is both sweet and malty with hints of chocolate, a boost of caffeine and warm Christmas notes of Cinnamon and Cardamom to finish off. He is Scandinavian after all.|3.74|25/4/2021 08:04 130946|1|False|THE MACALLAN 1978 18 Year Old Sherry Oak|Single Malt Bottle 43%abv - NO DISCOUNT|Rare single malt from Macallan, produced many moons ago. This 18 year old expression was distilled back in 1978, matured in sherry casks and bottled in 1996. Highly collectible. No box.|2400|1/6/2021 14:55 130947|0|False|JERSEY FINE TEA Green Tea|15g Pouch (los)|...Jersey Fine Tea are cultivating tea from seed in three microclimates amounting to six acres, a planting area of some significant in the European context. The teas are beautifully-made and stand up very well to their peers from traditional origins." 100% Jersey-grown tea, hand picked and carefully processed with orthodox tea equipment, which gently rolls the leaves to create flavour and maintain the whole leaf shape. Our green tea makes a moreish cup with a soft round mouthfeel and refreshing vegetal notes. To test its limits, we treated it harshly in the brewing process, steeping it in boiling water for five minutes plus. And while you’d expect a little bitterness and astringency from green tea, ours is mild, even when abused. So, for those who think they don’t like green tea and find it mouth puckering, we’d encourage you to give ours a try! ORIGIN - From Mrs Pipon, Simpson and Gorey Hill Gardens in Jersey. NOTES - Creamy, sweet peas, reviving.