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LA DEBAUCHE 'Cherry Leader' Cherry-Fruit Sour Bottle (330ml) 10% BBE01/22 (frtc)


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Beer & Cider

ABV: 10%
Size: 330ml
Closure Type: Crown Cap

Description - "So who’s had an imperial cherry sour before? Strap in as you are about to do just that. It pours a lovely deep pinkish-red colour, with loads of red fruit aromas. The Morello cherries are the hero of the beer, but throw off a mix of fruit flavours like plum and blackcurrant, as well as the cherry and hint of almond. The beer is much more tart than sour, there really isn’t such a high level of acidity and what is there is balanced by the heavier body. The level of alcohol gives the whole thing some ‘umph’, without getting out of balance. And we do not know where that whole 10% ABV is hidden. Famous for their amazing label art, designed by tattooists and comic illustrators – don’t be scared by the image on this bottle. I guarantee it will not blow your head off!"