Massimo Lunardon Handblown Glass from Italy


Massimo Lunardon was born in 1964 in Marostica, Italy, and lives and works near Vicenza. He is an internationally recognized glass artist who creates innovative works using borosilicate glass that cross the borders between reality and fantasy, art and design. Using the traditional glassblowing techniques, Massimo manages to build a magical and graceful world where, for example, delicious seahorses and glassfish float inside jugs or where glasses and carafes take pragmatic forms to the contemplative. He graduated in Industrial Design at the Domus Academy in 1991, Massimo Lunardon decided to devote himself to research and design in the field of blown glass making small furnishing accessories, decorative objects and wonderful lamps...

Massimo's creations are extremely popular with our customers and although you can not visit the shops during the COVID19 Pandemic, we have uploaded them to our website for you to see the range and purchase online. His work is incredible and anyone purchasing for themselves or for others will be astounded by his craftsmanship...

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