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CASALINGA Chargrilled Baby Artichokes 220g Jar - VEGAN


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Deli Foods


Harvested in Spring, these baby artichokes are full of flavour, a result of the rich, sun-drenched soil in which they grow. Charring imparts a smoky flavour that makes our baby artichokes a perfect pairing with salads, antipasti or as a distinctive side dish.
CASALINGA (Ka-sa-LEAN-ga) means housewife, and this newest brand by Gino D’Acampo & Marco Silvagni pays homage to this classic cultural role by staying rooted in Italian culinary tradition. Launched in answer to the increasing demand from consumers for Italian speciality retail products, Gino & Marco designed Casalinga to be the bridge between the supposedly contradictory consumer desires for old world cooking and modern convenience.