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TAYLOR'S Quinta de Vargellas, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Douro Vy,Portugal 50cl


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Deli Foods


As well as being one of the world’s most renowned wine estates and pre-eminent as a producer of Vintage Port, Quinta de Vargellas is also the source one of the Douro Valley’s finest olive oils. The estate’s 3,000 olive trees have been carefully preserved and tended. Predominantly of the Madural, Cordovil and Verdeal varieties, they can be found throughout the vineyard, lining the roadways through the property or forming groves in areas where no vines are planted. Care has been taken when planting new areas of vineyard, such as those at São Xisto, not to destroy any olive trees but to carefully uproot and transplant them. As well as producing exceptional olive oil, the olive trees also contribute to the biodiversity of the vineyard. The oil, which has an exceptionally low acidity, is extracted from the first cold pressing of the olives and is classified as Extra Virgin.