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MADE FOR DRINKS Duck Fritons 32g Bag


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Deli Foods


Based on a rural Gascon delicacy, Fritons de Canard. The duck for their Fritons is sourced from Creedy Carver, a free-range British family duck farm in Crediton, South Devon. One of the very few free-range duck farms in the UK, the ducks are given quality space to roam and swim freely. The duck is all the more tasty as a result and Creedy Carver supply many of the Michelin-starred restaurants and top-end butchers throughout the UK. They buy the skin that Creedy slice off the shoulder as they pack the whole bird ready for sale. They then simply cure the skins with Dorset Sea Salt, render & confit them to build up their intense, savoury flavour and bring them up to a high temperature to give them their tasty crunch. Made for IPA or something equally fruity but they are lovely with anything you would normally pair with a simple, hard cheese – red wine, stout - and they are stunning with a crisp cider too.

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