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SNOWDONIA Nature's Nectar,Mature Cheddar with Rum,Marinated Fig & Honey 200g Pack


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The Snowdonia Cheese Company was established in 2001 with the aim of creating a luxury range of Welsh cheeses, and found immediate success at farmers’ markets. Within months Snowdonia cheeses were being stocked by fine food delicatessens and grocers, and the colourful wax-coated truckles are now widely recognised, popping up on restaurant menus the world over and winning numerous awards in prestigious cheese competitions. Set in North Wales amid the rugged beauty of Snowdonia, Snowdonia Cheese Company uses only the finest milk and additional ingredients to produce a distinctive range of cheeses.
Nature’s Nectar is the most recent addition to the delicious range of strongly flavoured Cheddars from Snowdonia Cheese Company. It combines rum-marinated figs and honey with the signature Snowdonia mature Cheddar, creating a rich, smooth and fruity cheese with sweet honey notes. Try it with a glass of prosecco – the fizz should cut through the sweetness.