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WOOKEY HOLE Cave-Aged West Country Cheddar 454g Pack

WOOKEY HOLE Cave-Aged West Country Cheddar 454g Pack Image


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Deli Foods


The texture is firm and the cheese is cream-coloured. The aroma is a complex mix of sweet, creamy, farmy and earthy. The flavours are big, robust and well rounded, with competing notes such as sweet and salty, or earthy and tangy. The Caves’ atmosphere bestows the cheddar with an additional, highly-distinctive, earthy and nutty flavour. Not suitable for vegetarians.
Pairing: The robust, sweet and nutty nuances of Wookey Hole Cave aged Cheddar is perfectly complemented by full-bodied red wines with a strong flavour. Try a classic Claret from Bordeaux in France such as Chateau Noaillac AC Medoc or Cabernet Sauvignon from South Africa like Rust en Vrede Cabernet from Stellenbosch.