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TORRES Caviar Flavoured Premium Crisps 125g Bag (GF)


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Deli Foods


These artisan crisps re-define the humble potato crisp and this particular flavour is very special indeed. If you thought we couldn't be more luxurious than our Black Summer Truffle crisps, then think again, as Torres have now released their new Caviar flavoured crisps! The old-fashioned, handcrafted process at Torres strives for maximum quality and respect for traditions. Their philosophy is based upon passion for the quality of the raw materials, in caring for and respecting the crops, and sustainable development that guarantees an artisan product with a unique personality in the gastronomy world. They work with the selection of the best potatoes from farmers with whom they have been working with for over 35 years. With these best raw materials, a careful and meticulous manufacturing process Torres produce a gourmet potato crisp beyond compare. GLUTEN FREE.