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LINDT 'Creation Dessert' 21 Chocolates 200g Box


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Deli Foods


By the Master Swiss Chocolatier since 1845, a fine selection of 21 chocolates inspired by famous dessert recipes.

"Meringue": Pieces of crunchy meringue in a soft centre with a swirl of white chocolate.
"Tiramisu": Exquisite tiramisu flavoured centre topped with a smooth white chocolate.
"Eclair Caramel": Unctuous caramel cream in an extra dark chocolate shell topped with caramel chocolate.
"Crème Brûlée": Fine milk chocolate with a delicate crème brûlée centre.
"Brownie": Dark chocolate with hazelnut and walnut filled with a luscious chocolate truffle.
"Fondant Chocolat": Intense and melting dark chocolate filling in an extra fine milk shell.
"Millefeuille": Wafer praline filling delicately covered with fine milk chocolate.