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CAPEZZANA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020 Chianti, Tuscany, Italy HALF LITRE


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Capezzana owns around 26,000 olive trees on their estate in Carmignano. Their olive oil is made mainly from the early ripening Moraiolo variety which produces an elegant, nicely balanced oil with aromas of freshly cut grass and artichokes.

Olive trees in this area, close to the northernmost boundary for olive cultivation, produce less than one tenth of the quantity produced by those in milder, more southerly climes. Capezzana’s oil is made primarily from Moraiolo. This is an early ripening variety, so the olives tend to be blacker when picked, resulting in softer, fruitier oils. The estate has 140 hectares of olive groves with 26,000 trees.

Capezzana has improved its technique for olive oil production to obtain a fruitier oil with lower levels of oleic acid. In Extra Virgin olive oil, the level of oleic acid must not exceed 0.8% (Capezzana’s rarely reaches 0.2%). This is achieved by picking early and processing the olives within 12 hours. Ultra modern, stainless steel continuous presses are used. Most experts agree that this method of pressing results in fresher, cleaner oils that retain their colour and fruitiness for longer because oxidation is prevented. The oil is then settled in a mixture of terracotta `orci` (urns) and stainless-steel vats before bottling.

This olive oil has a very intense green colour and very fruity aromas of freshly cut grass and artichokes. On the palate, it is dense and viscous, with flavours that match the aromas on the nose, a very long finish with a touch of spice. A very elegant and harmonious olive oil.