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PULLTEX Anti Ox Stopper (Boxed) Each (109-507)


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Recommended by the Spanish Sommelier Association and the Spanish Academy of Sommeliers, The AntiOx wine stopper from Pulltex has become one of its most innovative wine preserving products in the World, it's not only easy to use but it's affordable for any wine lover.

The AntiOx Stopper is provided with a device in its inner part including a patented revolutionary system or avoiding the oxidation of the wine inside the bottle. Once a wine bottle is closed with the AntiOx stopper, the oxidation of wine is interrupted and the oxygen is no more associated to the wine and is neither producing acetic acid nor damaging the wine. Unpleasant smells and the taste of vinegar in the wine is avoided.

FUNCTION: The active carbon filter inside the stopper interrupts oxygen interacting with the wine. The volatile components that accelerate the oxidation are neutralized and therefore the oxygen that is left in the bottle will not damage the wine.

EASY TO USE: You only need to close the bottle with the stopper. The active carbon filter will keep the wine in perfect condition for more than a week. Suitable for use by wine lovers at home, as well as for bars and restaurants to serve wine by the glass.

MAINTENANCE: There is no special maintainance required, no need to replace the filter. Its efficiency is guaranteed for 5 years, you only need to clean and rinse with water after use.