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RIEDEL Winewings Lilac Decanter Each (2007/02S1)

RIEDEL Winewings Lilac Decanter Each (2007/02S1) Image


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Glassware & Wine Accessories


The RIEDEL Winewings decanter is a colourful and elegant recreation of RIEDEL's Swan decanter as a compliment to the Winewings glass series. First designed in 2008, Swan's striking elongated curves make it an incredible statement piece, with the grace of a beautiful bird. Wine is gently decanted through the large opening then poured from its exquisite neck - long enough to reach any guest at the dinner table! The new iteration of this decanter, at the same soaring height but a slimmer design, now also includes an indented handle for easier pouring.

This piece features a lavender purple stripe through the design, achieved by introducing a rod of purple crystal into the molten glass before the decanter has been formed. This pack contains a single piece.
This product is handmade. Please handwash only. Height - 60cm.

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