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'What do you buy someone who has everything....?
How about something to put it in!...

What do you buy someone who has everything? Something to put it in!

All wine should be stored at the ideal cellar temperature of 12°C - 13°C so if your love of wine has reached the stage where you keep bottles at home long term then you must consider how it is being stored. Lying down in the dark under the stairs is a good start but because of day vs. night temperatures and seasonal variations your wine will be slowly warming and cooling, again and again, never to reach its full potential and passed its best before it’s time.

The best way to ensure optimal cellar storage conditions in your home is a Eurocave cabinet or cellar conditioner. Eurocave has been the industry leader for over 35 years and has become the world’s gold standard in terms of serving and maturing wine.

They have a number of different ranges of cabinet, from the no-frills option for your garage to stunning display cabinets for your lounge to the practical compact option for your kitchen. Each range has options for cabinet size and single or multi-temperature options.


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