Try Before You Buy

We are delighted to introduce our Wine Tasting Machines that are available in all three shops. We have a 16 bottle unit in each shop. The range changes on a regular basis so there is always something new to try before you buy. With a massive range of different grape varieties and styles to choose from, you can try something new and broaden your palate knowing that you already love the wine before purchasing. No longer do you need to just come down on a Saturday to taste our wines, the By The Glass® wine serving system preserves opened bottles of wine for at least two weeks in perfect condition therefore allowing you to try wines 6 days a week! All our team have been trained on the machines, so there will always be someone to assist and guide you through any wines you wish to try. 

Our unit available in our town shop...


Shop Testimonials

"Really enjoyed tasting several pinot noir side by side + very informative + helpful staff - without any pressure!!"

"Excellent. Great shopping experience. V. helpful to sample before you buy. Thank you."

"Good sampling, bill = £139 for tonite!"

"Good excuse to visit the shop. Easy way to improve wine experience!"

"Very impressed at the selection of wines and excellent staff!"


"Great, (Hic!)"

"Great to sample. Really helps with choices."

"Fantastic, very impressive."

"Sublime organization and layout. Better access and traffic flow. Love the wine machine!"

"Such a lovely shopping experience! Well done."

"Well laid out and a pleasure to shop and browse. Nice work! Great improvement!"

"Lovely environment + very helpful staff. Thank you!"

"Great concept & so 'innovation'. New experience and great look"

"Fabulous way to try new wines - great experience. Well done."

"We really enjoyed the selection By The Glass! Beautiful!!!"

"Great wine, great staff, great time!!"

"Wine by the glass - great invention for tasting!"


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