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BUFFALO TRACE Bourbon Bottle (70cl) 40%alc

Useful Bottle Information

  • Bottle Size 70cl
  • ABV 45%
  • Country USA

Bottle Description

JIM MURRAY'S WHISKY BIBLE - 94 POINTS - 'Sharp rye screams above the complex corn, citrus and oak: seriously absorbing; stupendous, softly oiled mouthfeel with the corn absorbing some prickly rye and spice; sweet, remains oily with some cream toffee. The small grains re-emerge for a last battle with the corn; I simply adore this whiskey: the weight is just about perfect as is the corn-oak, bittersweet harmony. The small grains add great colour and complexity. A whiskey gem of the world.'

Picture of BUFFALO TRACE Bourbon Bottle (70cl) 40%alc
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BUFFALO TRACE Bourbon Bottle (70cl) 40%alc

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