NEIGE Premiere Ice 'Wine' HALF (Made from Apples) 12%abv (Gift box)

Useful Bottle Information

  • ABV 12%
  • Bottle Size 37.5cl
  • Closure Type Cork
  • Wine Colour Dessert Wine
  • Country / Region Canada
  • Wine Styles Sweet

Bottle Description

The orchard is located in QUEBEC, CANADA, in the Monteregie region, which borders the state of New York. Long ago, the Champlain Sea covered this rocky soil. In the fall, very ripe apples are picked and stored at cool temperatures until the end of December. Once winter arrives, the fruit is pressed and the juice obtained is placed outside in the intense January cold. During crystallization, the water separates from the sugars by natural cryoconcentration. After few days of intense cold, concentrated must, representing one-quarter of the initial quantity of juice, is collected by gravity. The extracted must is then placed in stainless steel tanks where it ferments at least six months at low temperatures before being bottled. Serve cold. Made from 80% McIntosh (apple known for its sweet and acidic taste) and 20% Spartan (very sweet apple with a slight pear flavour). Golden yellow in colour the aroma is of freshly picked apple with striking intensity. Perfect as an aperitif or to accompany sharp cheese (cheddar or goat), veined cheese (blue), or desserts.

Picture of NEIGE Premiere Ice 'Wine' HALF (Made from Apples) 12%abv (Gift box)
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NEIGE Premiere Ice 'Wine' HALF (Made from Apples) 12%abv (Gift box)

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