1960 FONSECA Vintage Port Bottle

Useful Bottle Information

  • ABV 20%
  • Bottle Size 75cl
  • Closure Type Cork

Bottle Description

Pale russet colour with a broad amber rim. The nose is complex, mellow and seductive. A rich infusion of figs and creamy toffee is overlaid with evocative spice aromas and notes of tobacco, cedar and exotic hardwood.  Smooth and silky on the palate, combining rich treacly flavour with an impression of lightness and finesse. Wonderfully opulent flavours emerge on the finish, revealing unexpected nuances as they gradually recede. A magical Vintage Port with a flawless harmony remarkable in a wine now over half a century old.

Picture of 1960 FONSECA Vintage Port Bottle
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1960 FONSECA Vintage Port Bottle

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