1983 COCKBURN'S Vintage Port Bottle

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  • ABV 20%
  • Bottle Size 75cl

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Buying Guide, 2nd Edition - Jan 1989 Robert M. Parker, Jr. 95 points "This house tends to produce quite full-bodied, rich, alcoholic, spirited vintage ports that never have a great deal of complexity or finesse but offer meaty, chocolaty, spicy, full-bodied, alcoholic flavors at the expense of elegance. The 1985 was placed in a tasting where I also inserted the 1983 Cockburn as a ringer. I was surprised to find out, upon revealing the wines, that the massive blockbuster of the tasting was the 1983, and the soft, intensely fruity, forward wine was the 1985. While the 1983 is superior to the 1985, the latter wine should offer rich, opulent, multidimensional flavors in 5-6 years."

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1983 COCKBURN'S Vintage Port Bottle

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