D'ARENBERG 'The Daddy Long Legs' Tawny 'Extremely Rare' NV Bottle (los)

Useful Bottle Information

  • ABV 21%
  • Bottle Size 37.5cl
  • Closure Type Screwcap
  • Wine Colour Dessert Wine
  • Country / Region Australia - South
  • Wine Styles Sweet
  • Grape Variety Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah/Shiraz

Bottle Description

Wine Advocate #181 (Feb 2009) Jay S Miller - 94 points - "Fourth generation family winemaker Chester Osborn took over the reins as chief winemaker from his father, d’Arry in 1984. Once the keys to the winery and cellars were in his hands, Chester decided to hold back 15 barrels of the current blend of “Selected Tawny Port” a very old and exceptionally high quality fortified wine. These barrels were left to slowly mature and were only ‘topped up’ when necessary using only the same, carefully aged wine. The barrel shed that houses these old casks is also inhabited by hundreds of Daddy Long Leg spiders, who have kept a watchful eye over these precious gems for decades. The wine was in superb condition and the spiders were doing such a great job protecting the barrels that Chester left them alone until just recently when he decided to bottle a small quantity for our pleasure. The wine is extremely old and exemplifies a classic Australian style. The colour is of an aged wine with a soft tan appearance. Amazing concentration." Comes boxed.

Picture of D'ARENBERG 'The Daddy Long Legs' Tawny 'Extremely Rare' NV Bottle (los)
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D'ARENBERG 'The Daddy Long Legs' Tawny 'Extremely Rare' NV Bottle (los)

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