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MICHISAKRI Junmai Sake 'Morning Dew' Bottle (72cl) 15%abv

Useful Bottle Information

  • ABV 15%
  • Bottle Size 72cl
  • Closure Type Screwcap
  • Country / Region Japan

Bottle Description

This delightful sake starts with a splendid nose of berries, apples, pears and honey. Crisp liquid slips delicately onto the tongue delivering a light and dry impact with similar flavours of berries and honey and a delightfully peppery finish that tingles on the tongue. Morning Dew responds well to warming. It has a great sweet spot at the 40-45°C range where dryness mellows and the delightful flavours are maximised. When served cold, dryness increases which leads to a more muted berry flavour and fragrance as well as a shorter finish. This is a great sake to drink with sushi, especially when heated to the warmer temperature. When cold it works well with lemon tart and creamy cheeses.
Ingredients: water, rice, koji, yeast.

Picture of MICHISAKRI Junmai Sake 'Morning Dew' Bottle (72cl) 15%abv
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MICHISAKRI Junmai Sake 'Morning Dew' Bottle (72cl) 15%abv

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