CONCEITO Bastardo 2018 Bottle

Useful Bottle Information

  • ABV 13%
  • Bottle Size 75cl
  • Closure Type Cork
  • Wine Colour Red Still Wine
  • Country / Region Portugal
  • Wine Styles Medium Bodied

Bottle Description

Conceito is a new wave winery making incredible wines up in the Upper Douro Valley in northern Portugal. This is the hub of the fortified wines of Port. Conceito is making some incredible Ports as well as some stunning table wines - their whites in particular! This is a family winery headed by Carla and Rita, Mum and Daughter, respectively. Trousseau Noir is a red grape most commonly associated with the small but fruitful region of Jura in northeastern France. It produces some lovely spicy red wines with bursts of red fruit and floral characters more often than not on the lighter side. It's second home would have to be in Portugal where it is commonly referred to as Bastardo. Tasting: Pale ruby colour (lighter than most Pinot Noir) but yet a real whirlwind of aromas came rushing out of the glass. Think cranberry, clove, red licorice, white pepper, red plums and raspberry all at once. It opens up to give purple fruits and soft tannins on the palate. Overall it is a light, clean and refreshing red wine that is perfect for summer."

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CONCEITO Bastardo 2018 Bottle

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