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MOTHER ROOT Ginger Switchel London, England Bottle (48cl) 0%abv



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Soft Drinks

Size: 48cl
Closure Type: Screwcap


Founder Bethan Higson has worked in the wine trade for many years and is always in search of complexity and balance in her drinks. When she became pregnant, she turned all of her attention and skills to finding a non-alcoholic drink that was bold, flavoursome and not too sweet. Mother Root Ginger Switchel was born in Bethan’s kitchen in Peckham. Inspiration came from the world of drinking vinegars: delicious vinegar-based fermented beverages, with a rich history which dates back to Ancient Greece.

Tasting note: Golden yellow colour, Mother Root Ginger is an intensely concentrated, ginger-flavoured drink. The nose is defined by the acetic acid notes as well as the fresh ginger and floral tones. The palate shows a complex flavour profile, with a powerful ginger hit, delicate apples and a touch of chilli, all perfectly balanced with natural mouthcoating sweetness and a fiery finish.

INGREDIENTS: Pressed Ginger Juice, Blossom Honey, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and a touch of chilli

It’s designed to be mixed over ice with soda water, and garnished with a sprig of rosemary, for an invigorating pre-dinner spritz.