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EDINBURGH Elderflower Gin Liqueur from Half Litre (50cl) 20%abv (los)



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ABV: 20%
Size: 50cl


A highly aromatic liqueur with an exquisitely sweet, floral bouquet. One of their trio of gin liqueurs, Edinburgh Gin’s Elderflower Liqueur is distilled using the best native ingredients, locally sourced from the rural landscapes which surround Edinburgh. Subtle yet complex, this floral liqueur is made with freshly-picked elderflowers. Elderflowers have a distinctive floral aroma and flavour that marry beautifully with gin botanicals. The summer’s elderflowers are handpicked in full bloom and then infused with our classic Edinburgh Gin. The flowers are then left to macerate for a month for full flavour extraction.

Their 20% ABV Elderflower Liqueur brings a light, floral profile. It is a honeyed, flavourful libation that’s at home in a wide variety of fresh drinks. It can be added to dry sparkling wine, or alternatively topped up with soda water and ice for a fresh summer fizz. In cocktails, it works particularly well with sharper green flavours such as green apple, mint, cucumber and parsley.