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TANQUERAY Rangpur Dry Gin with rare Rangpur Limes Bottle (70cl) 41.3%abv



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ABV: 41.3%
Size: 70cl


Something different here from Tanqueray. This gin is flavoured with Rangpur limes, also known as a mandarin orange. These highly acidic fruits, actually orange in colour, impart a fresh, zesty zing to this refreshing gin. Roll on summer! Nose: Lots of zest on the nose, fresh citrus peel and just-cut botanicals. Palate: Not as sharp and citric as the nose suggests, instead offering a pleasantly balanced gin flavour that's instantly recognisable as Tanqueray. Finish: Smooth yet dry and lemony. Overall: In a word, refreshing! The perfect gin for a G&T on the lawn.

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