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BARSOL Pisco, Acholado Selecto Bottle (70cl) 41.3%abv



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ABV: 41.3%
Size: 70cl


Pisco is a grape brandy that was first made more than 400 years ago. Both Peru and Chile have established Denomination of Origins for Pisco, and argue vociferously over its true origin!
Each country has a different set of rules for creating the spirit: most Chilean Pisco is made with the Muscat grape, while in Peru distillers are permitted to use any of eight different varieties but particularly favour the Quebranta grape. Peru arguably produces a higher quality of Pisco, with the the rules governing its production in the country stipulating a minimum ABV of 38% and forbidding the addition of anything to the spirit post distillation – including sugar and water. All the way from sunny Peru, BarSol Pisco is made using traditional methods dating back to the 1800s. Made at Bodega San Isidro, one of Peru’s most modern distilleries, these are high quality Pisco with a traditional soul.

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