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CURADO Blue Agave Tequila Bottle (70cl) 40%abv



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ABV: 40%
Size: 70cl


An innovative Tequila, Curado is created using 100% Blue Weber agave by the union of three famed Tequila families from the Jalisco region. When the brand first launched, it was the first Tequila to be infused with cooked Agave. Each expression in the Curado range is created by cooking a specific variety of Agave using the technique of its respective region, before being taken to Jalisco where it is infused with 100% Blue Agave Tequila. No aging, no sugar, no tricks. Originally created around 2012, Curado Blue Agave was the first tequila to infuse the distillate with pieces of cooked agave. The infusion adds sweetness, colour, and even more cooked agave flavour. A true innovation within the tequila world. Curado Blue Agave Tequila has a floral, herbal character with notes of smoky, earthy agave and sweet caramel notes. Absolutely delicious on the rocks or as a component in a Paloma.