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KOJDER WINERY Solaris Beerenauslese 2018 HALF LITRE (50cl)

Dessert Wine | Poland | 50cl

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Dessert Wine

ABV: 13%
Size: 50cl
Closure Type: Cork
Country: Poland
Wine Style: Sweet


Solaris BA was created from grapes affected by noble mold (botrytis cinerea), mainly the solaris variety, with a small (approx. 10%) addition of johanniter. The wine matured for half a year in an oak barrel and another months in a bottle. The parameters alone are impressive - 110 g of residual sugar / l, over 8 g of acidity / l and 10% alcohol - but more importantly, they are confirmed by tasting. The wine is well structured, juicy, with aromas of candied and dried fruit (peach, apricot, mango), honey, notes of orange peel, chamomile and almond. The acidity balances the sweetness of the wine well, giving it a lot of refreshment in a fairly long finish. This freshness was also the key in connection with the mentioned pastries, the best pair turned out to be a donut stuffed with orange jam.