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L'HERAUD Pineau des Charentes Signature (Ugni Blanc) Bottle 18%abv

L'HERAUD Pineau des Charentes Signature (Ugni Blanc) Bottle 18%abv Image

France | South of France | 70cl

£25.95 / £155.70 £147.90 case

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ABV: 18%
Size: 70cl
Country: France
Region: South of France


The history of the Pinot Charentes is closely connected with the history of cognac. This is a very interesting drink, which is produced by combining and subsequent aging in oak barrels cognac alcohol (25 percent) and grape must (75 percent). According to the legend, the drink was opened at the end of the XVI century thanks to a fluke. Absentmindedly one winemaker, whose name is unknown, poured grape must into a barrel for further maturation, but remained at the bottom of the barrel brandy spirit. Annoyed, he was only a few years later decided to try out what happened - and was delighted with the result.
This Pineau has a great colour with a stunning, subtle and delicate flavour. The wine has a rich sweet fruit flavours with a refreshing acidity. Tradition requires serving Pineau des Charentes cellar at a temperature (about 12°C), but often it is cooled to 5°C. or ice added thereto. Often used as an aperitif, as well as in cocktails. Some gourmets serve it with foie gras, fish and seafood. However, it is best to drink with dessert.