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ATA RANGI Pinot Noir, Martinborough 2017/18 Bottle/st (los)

Red Still Wine | New Zealand | North, Martinborough | 75cl

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Red Wine

ABV: 13.5%
Size: 75cl
Closure Type: Screwcap
Country: New Zealand
Region: North, Martinborough
Wine Style: Medium Bodied
Grape: Pinot Noir


Only the oldest parcels of fruit are used in this, our premium Pinot Noir. The fabled Abel clone, allegedly smuggled from Burgundy in the mid-70s, makes up 40% of the blend. The result is a very complex, structured wine, beautifully perfumed in the classic Ata Rangi style. Exotic spice of star anise and sandalwood layer with dark cherry and rose petal on the nose. As is a hallmark of our Pinot, a savoury herbal note reminiscent of oregano offsets more overt fruit characters. The palate is bright, fluid and focused. Fine tannins build through the mid palate carrying the wine to a long elegant finish.

Peking Duck

Perfect with Peking Duck...

Chinese Peking duck, a takeaway favourite, demands a great fruity Pinot Noir from the New World such as this one from Ata Rangi. The fruitiness of the plum or hoisin sauce, matches the fruit-led notes in this wine, with notes of star-anise complementing the dark spice found typically in these wines. The acidity and freshness is enough to cut through the “fattiness” found in the dish.

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Red Still Wine | New Zealand | North, Martinborough | 75cl


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