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HAYASHI HONTEN Junmai Daiginjo, Black Face Hyakujyuro Bottle (72cl) 15.5%

Japan (Sake) | 72cl

£37.85 / £454.20 £431.49 case

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Minus 1 Add

ABV: 15.5%
Size: 72cl
Closure Type: Screwcap
Country: Japan (Sake)


Black Face is a winner of a Gold Medal at Japan’s Fine Sake Awards 2014. It is a Junmai Daiginjo, the most delicate and refined style of sake. Junmai Daiginjo requires the rice grains it is made from to be milled to at least 50% of their original size, allowing access to the delicate and often fruity flavours found in the centre of the grain.

Although you might expect a very fruity and fragrant nose with a Junmai Daiginjo, Black Face bucks the trend and instead has a simple and delicate fragrance with hints of banana and fruity apple coming through. The acidity in this sake provides an engaging impact that slightly sizzles on the tongue. Dry, with an exceptionally clean, pure and refreshing flavour Back Face pairs wonderfully with foods that have one or two prominent flavours. It has enough acidity to stand up to fattier or oilier foods and will help spread these delicious flavours around the mouth – great with fatty salmon sushi, for example.

The Japanese name for this sake, Hyaku-jyu-ro, comes from a popular kabuki actor who lived in nearby Kakamigahara city. In 1912 he made a donation of 1200 cherry trees to line the banks of the city’s Sakai River. It is now a tradition for people to gather at one of the city parks on the banks of the river to see the cherry blossoms’ annual bloom. Black Face was brewed to honour Hyaku-jyu-ro’s generous gesture. The label on the bottles reflects the makeup worn by kabuki actors.

FOOD PAIRINGS - Good match for clean-tasting foods & spicy, creamy/fatty such as salmon.

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