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Food Pairing

TSUJI HONTEN Junmai Nama Gozenshu 9 Bodaimoto, Mountain Stream 50cl 15.5%

Japan (Sake) | 50cl


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ABV: 15.5%
Size: 50cl
Closure Type: Screwcap
Country: Japan (Sake)


Mountain Stream is an exceedingly interesting and different sake. It is unpasteurised (namazake) which lends fresh and fruity elements but is made using the ancient bodaimoto technique which lends more rugged, earthy qualities as well as adding a slightly sour dimension to the flavour.

The juxtaposition of these two factors combines to give an enchanting brew. Mountain Stream has a clean and full floral nose with melon and lychee notes coming through strong. As you would expect with a namazake the flavours are fresh and lively but there is also an underlying complexity and earthiness that obviously has its roots firmly in the bodaimoto technique.

The flavour is dense and intriguing: lychee, raspberry and rich honey all have a part to play, underpinned by a deep and slightly sour base note.

Mountain Stream is great by itself or with deep fried foods such as tempura, fish and chips, calamari. Also fun with blue or mature cheeses.


Perfect for sushi...

Fatty pieces of fish served raw need higher acidity to cut through fat, while leaner raw fish need softer, round wines.

For Tuna or Salmon served raw (sashimi style) some may argue that delicate Rosé Champagne or a Provençal style Rose is an unbeatable match. In fact, as long as you stay clear of oak and high tannins, a disastrous mismatch is quite unlikely.

Because sashimi is all about simplicity and purity of ingredients, generally dry wines with fairly low alcohol, citrus acidity and delicate aromatics, like a Muscadet, Chablis or Albariño is a good option as it won’t interfere too much with the delicate flavours.

Alternatively choose one of our very popular Sakes. We strongly recommend trying it with this one. We love it!

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