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QUINTA DE LA ROSA Extra Virgin Olive Oil Douro Valley, Portugal HALF LITRE


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This olive oil is made from old olive trees of Grigano and Favarol varieties grown in the Valpantena valley situated north east of Verona. The proximity of Lake Garda ensures the viability of oil production at this, the most northerly latitude.

Fruity aromas of fresh green apples & an agreeable peppery finish. Rich, complex & delicious. Ideal for salads, marinades & dipped with bread.

In November, the olive trees are beaten and shaken so the ripe black olives fall into the nets below. After harvest, La Rosa’s Olive Oil is made using a process called cold extraction during which the temperature is maintained at 28C. The olives are washed, crushed, passed through a continuous press and finally filtered to produce a rich and intensely coloured extra virgin olive oil with an acidity of usually around 0.3%.
The oil may throw a slight sediment or become cloudy, as is common with other naturally produced oils, when stored at low temperatures. This will disappear when the oil is returned to room temperature.

The olive oil is made from a blend of different olives, in particular Carrasquinha and Negrilha, which we believe gives the oil its pleasant fruity aroma and unique taste. The olive trees grow high up on the steep banks of the Douro Valley amongst the vines and are organically grown without the use of any pesticides. The trees flourish in the Douro valley’s microclimate and during November the black ripe olives are manually harvested with care and attention.|

It is ideal for salads, marinades and as a condiment for fish and pasta. It’s also delicious with some fresh bread before a meal. Together with the La Rosa port wine vinegar, it makes an excellent vinaigrette.