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WINESAVE PRO (9 Litres, 150 Serves) Each

WINESAVE PRO (9 Litres, 150 Serves) Each Image

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Glassware & Wine Accessories


We are the official distributor in Jersey for winesave™, the 'must have' accessory for keeping opened wine...perfectly!

Hailed by and is the official wine preservation system for the 'Ultimate Parker in Asia Event'. Each canister contains approximately 150 applications. winesave™ keeps opened wine at its peak for weeks after it has first been opened. Oxidation and the resulting spoilage of opened wine is now a thing of the past. winesave protects opened wine by laying a pure, inert and odourless gas called argon (which is heavier than air) across the wine's surface in the bottle, thereby protecting its complex characteristics of colour and taste. For the wine drinker, this means you can enjoy the luxury of wines by the glass at home. It also means that you will never again waste any wine because of oxidation, nor ever feel compelled to finish a bottle just because it has been opened.