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Bright Ideas January 2024

The Wine Merchant Magazine - January Winner

15th January 2024

Super delighted that Kasia has won this month’s ‘Bright Ideas’ prize in January’s The Wine Merchant for our ‘Taste in Time’ event happening in 2027. It’s a totally unique tasting.

A Taste in Time is the opportunity for customers to purchase now a portion of the cult classic and icon, Screaming Eagle 2019 and 2020 from Napa Valley, California. These wines will also be joined by Krug 2002 as well as Screaming Eagle’s Second Flight 2014 and The Flight 2019. This is a tasting beyond any other we have staged.

Background…Many of us can’t justify buying some of the world’s top & most iconic wines. Their quality and scarcity mean there is less and less available and this in-turn pushes prices higher and higher every year and with every new vintage release.

Many of these wines will also take many years to come to maturity and when they are finally ready, temptation to sell will probably outweigh the desire to open a bottle (let alone break into a case).

We are offering what we believe to be a unique opportunity to buy a ‘portion’ of a bottle now with a view to tasting it in 2027. We will secure the wine now and it will be stored in our temperature-controlled storage facility along with the other wines we will be tasting.


A TASTE IN TIME - SCREAMING EAGLE Napa Valley Tasting in 2027


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