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KEIGETSU Kochi Prefecture Yuzu Sake NV Bottle (72cl) 8%abv - VEG

Japan (Sake) | 72cl

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ABV: 8%
Size: 72cl
Country: Japan (Sake)


Sake have been made by family-owned Tosa brewery since 1877. It is currently run by Muneki Matusmoto (of the sixth generation) who still uses the original brewery 140 years later. It is situated in the beautiful mountainous region called Tosa-Reihoku in the Kochi prefecture. The name of their range, ‘Keigetsu’, is a Japanese term which describes the beautiful evening scene created when the moon hangs over Katsurahama shore.

The Kochi prefecture produces around half of Japan’s yuzu because it is prized for its water and cool climate. The yuzu used to make this sake is grown organically by Mr. Matusmoto's relatives. The base sake is made from Akitsuho rice with the high polish ratio of a junmai daiginjo before blending with yuzu juice. Junmai daiginjo is the highest tier of unfortified sake and accounts for less than 3% of sakes produced.

This bright yellow, sweet yuzu sake is bursting with zesty citrus fruit. It has an intense mix of lemon, tangerine and lime aromas with a fragrant lift, and a balanced sweetness.

At 8% ABV, this mouth-puckering yet sweet sake is suitable as a pre-dinner or mid-dinner palate cleanser, in cocktails or on its own paired with desserts or fresh fruit. The unique "super lemon" flavour of yuzu makes it fun to experiment with different flavour combinations.

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