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  • Virtual Wine Tastings 2020

    Even as we enter Level 1 of the COVID restrictions, our virtual tastings look set to continue. It will still be a while before we can have suppliers, wine producers and winemakers easily pop over to visit us here at Dunell's to host a tasting in person. Thankfully, technology has allowed us to maintain our wine tastings, albeit virtually, and they have proven to not only be very popular but a fun and informal way to continue learning and enjoying wines with fellow wine lovers.

    Streamed LIVE to your laptop, iPad or Smart Phone (or any device with a camera) within the comfort of your own home our virtual tastings really are a fantastic way to begin or continue your wine education journey. Yes, we have our tasting rooms here at Beaumont (and we hope to open them again soon) but for some, despite being wine lovers, have not actually been to one of our in-house tasting events before. Maybe they feel nervous to attend in group environment or worried they may ask a silly question (there are never any silly questions, we've heard them all 🙃), maybe it's the cost of taxi fares home or other factors but our virtual tastings give people a new option to learn in the comfort of their own home, choose whether or not to ask questions and even whether or not to turn on their video link. Virtual tasters can also choose what foods to enjoy from our matching suggestions and then there's no taxi or bus service home afterwards. It has been so successful that even when we recommence tastings in-house again, we will also offer the ability to join us from home at the same time for those that would prefer.

    Our next virtual tasting...

    Currently updating...Next virtual tasting will take place on Thursday 15th October 2020 at 7pm...stand by for more details.

  • COVID-19 Coronavirus - IMPORTANT UPDATE


    Beaumont Shop - Our Beaumont shop is open from 11-5pm Monday to Thursday, 11-6pm on Friday and 10-6pm on Saturdays. Our Click and Collect and delivery services continue as normal.

    Town shop - Our town shop is open 11-5pm Tuesday to Thursday, 11-6pm on Friday and 10-6pm on Saturdays.

    Gorey shop - will remain CLOSED until further notice.


    Collections are available from Beaumont shop only from Monday to Thursday 11-5pm, Friday 11-6pm and Saturday 10-6pm. We will communicate with you once your order is ready at our Beaumont Shop. We are CLOSED on Sundays.

    If you order and you request a delivery, this will be made in on within 2 WORKING DAYS, unless you have specified a date later than this. We are CLOSED on SundaysPlease note, our delivery team is currently extremely busy and we therefore CAN NOT give any guaranteed delivery times during the day.



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