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  • Our 'War' on Plastic


    As of January 2018 Dunell’s is raging ‘war’ on single-use plastic by de-listing ALL sizes of plastic water bottles. (Evian, SPA & Brecon Carreg) 

    Once stocks have been sold through, we will no longer stock these plastic water bottles. 

    We will continue to sell water in glass (Hatterall Ridge, Panna & San Pellegrino) and going back to the good old days, we will see the arrival of returnable and recyclable Evian and San Pellegrino glass bottles. Simply pay a deposit which will be refunded when the crate and empty bottles are returned.

    We now have paper bags and we are currently setting up a new initiative for reusable bottle carriers. More on this is due course.

    We understand that this might upset those who regularly purchase water in plastic bottles but we all need to do our bit to help the environment. We hope you will support our initiatives. 


    Read more Posted: 31/01/18

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