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IMPORTANT: We only deliver in JERSEY, Channel Islands on orders over £75. Free collection always available from any of our shops.

Customer Storage Facility

Purchasing and Storing wine in our Temperature Controlled Storage Facility...

For those wishing to invest in wine or to purchase for future consumption, either for themselves or for their children or grandchildren, we offer a cellaring service in our secure, temperature-controlled storage facility.

Our dedicated customer storage facility within our main warehouse is the perfect place to store and mature your fine wines.

Tiers for 2022-2023

The table below explains our charges from 1st May 2022. Although we have been able to hold our rates for quite a number of years, unfortunately like most areas of life we have been hit by increased costs including building and maintenance, labour, electricity and insurance and we have been forced to pass these on.

This only includes wines that you physically store with us and does not include those still ‘En Primeur/Pre-Release’ awaiting arrival into the Island.




No. of Units/Cases Stored

(of any configuration)

Cost per Unit 

(excluding GST)



12 x 75cl or smaller (to next price band)

6 x 75cl or smaller (minimum charge)


1 to 100




101 +



Please note:

  • If you have only 1-5 bottles of a particular wine in store, you will be charged the minimum charge for a 6 x 75cl case. Likewise, if you have 7-11 bottles in store you will be charged for a 12 x 75cl case.
  • Smaller and larger format bottles (halves, magnums, double magnums, etc.) are broken down into bottle equivalents and charged as above.
  • Wine storage is billed annually in advance.
  • Storage year: 1st May to 30th April. We will review our storage charges at the end of each storage year.
  • The wine is insured to full replacement value.
  • We will store mixed cases under certain circumstances. Mixed cases must be authorised by us in advance. Please contact us for further information.
  • We cannot be held responsible for the quality of wines already held with us which have not been purchased from Dunell’s due to their unknown provenance.
  • From January 2022 we will only accept wines that have been purchased from Dunell's.
  • A permanent and dedicated team ensure your wines are stored at optimum conditions.
  • Goods may be collected at any time (or we can arrange delivery). We only ask that you give us 2 working days’ notice. We do not charge any release or processing fees for any movements either into or out of our storage facility. We do not ship to the UK or further overseas.

Please email Neil at neil@dunells.com or phone us on 736418 for further information